Wednesday, February 11, 2015

And without Further ado--let's give it up for FASHION WEEK 2015 live from NYC.

So this being the eve of FW15 mere hours ways for east coasters, but out her on the West we just wait anxiously for the shows to begin, Lucky and blessed to live in a time in which you don't have to actually be there to enjoy this epic fashion event, although being there is priceless.. So I enjoy the week's style festivities from a distance with a focused eye and brain yearning for more than the hot trends but to be inspired and intrigued by the creative minds behind the show.

FW is a place where vanity and indulgence is perfectly acceptable for the fashion enthusiast. But in terms of the BIG business of fashion it is a serious money making affair. Check out this $$ affair details
“Fashion Week is bigger than the Super Bowl for NYC.” 
While the fashion show producers, designers, creative directors, and all the fashion show production people put the final details of the event together. I find myself making a little preparation too!  Now you can start your prep by checking out all the lovely little details at
My results-three must see designers to get addicted to. Just a little sneak peak of chic brilliance.
Noon by Noor Yes- Effortless aesthetic. (

ESPION ATELIER Yes, All Designers Go to Heaven, Deidre. ; ) & because I love a track suit! A perfect balance of masculinity and sultry femininity. (!)

B Michael America Hmm.. How do you say Fabulous, tasteful, and refined without words..

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