Sunday, January 4, 2015

There is something about style that requires a certain level of courage. Maybe it's just a simple level of not giving a damn. But I have wonder if that statement is merely an expression of my fashion sins. As I contemplate the fusion between courage and style I find myself in the deep seas of a very desolate ocean.. Although this sounds rather grim it is actually quite serene. I have learned to translate my style into courage. The courage to walk alone, stand alone, but most importantly think alone (some like to call this thinking outside of the box) - but always smiling in faith. Faith created from my despair because after all,

"to be courageous is to face despair."
-Jesse Redmon Fausat

So what does any of this have to do with fashion? Everything loves! Everything.

When I am not feeling myself there is nothing more uplifting than playing in my toy box I like to call a closet. It becomes a celebration. A place to experiment, play, and fantasize. It takes me out of desolation and into a place of laughter, cheer, and even excitement. What rises from despair is joy, hope, light and a sweet sweet smile. So I dress myself in the courage that pulls me from a desolate place and into an amazing place inside myself. And I noticed that sometimes in life courage and style are synonymous. END.


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