Sunday, June 19, 2016

Where I live.

Paisley greens, tan, taupe and black is always necessary when waiting for my San Francisco Bay summer to arrive. It is usually full of cloudy overcast,chilly nights, and sometimes when I wake the next day the dampness of the mist greets me with the usually happy summer! But it's always a fun way to trip out the season with fashions that are not so summery... My rested nights are in a little city which portals me into to the Big City we call San Francisco this is where I LIVE.. Memories of my childhood take me back to summer days full of adventurous games of  hide n go seek, roller skating, and bike rides up and down steep hills from DC to SF. But my abosolute  favorite was  a cardboard slide down a big bumpy hill of weeds. I always walked away with a sore ass but appreciated the giant slide provided by mother nature, and all of which took place on those cool cloudy days.  This left me with a natural tendency to love the neautral color palates that include tan and green but black is always a necessary. Its funny how where you live can be the perfect manifesto for color and style but the challenge of it all is to think beyound the clouds and create a style that represents you, your funnitude,  and your life....
xoxo StyleSista 

Pants-H & M
Sneakers-Kenneth Cole
Necklace-H & M
Cuff--Forever 21
Ring-Berkeley Flea Market a vendor that slips my mind..
Photographer Lillie Ortiz
L_L Photography

Friday, April 1, 2016

Stylesista Note-- Spring is in the air!


Let's organize what lies ahead in the next coming months!

  • It's a great time to do some wardrobe spring cleaning; decide what you want to keep, store for next season, or donate.

  • get ready for summer--take a spin class, dance class, or boot camp.

  • Do your wardrobe spring cleaning --store clothes too warm for warmer weather, keep transitional pieces-those that you can transition from winter to spring, pick out your summer boot/bootie and enjoy the newness Spring 2016 will bring!

  • Do a cartwheel or spin around in a Yellow Maxi skirt. But at least do one of them! Happy Spring!

Yellow Maxi Skirt-New York and CO.
Leather Vest-Vince Camuto
Necklace -Forever 21
Photographer- Lillie Ortiz
L_L Photography